Sunday, March 1, 2009

What to eat?

How do we ensure we eat for wellness? There are so many things one must consider, it can get daunting to make the right decision.

- what's the nutritional value?
- meat, vegetarian or vegan?
- locally grown or not? what's the carbon footprint?
- what's the environmental impact?
- organic or conventional?
- should I avoid GMOs?
- what foods should I avoid?
- raw or cooked?
- am I allergic?
- ratio of carbs, protein and fat
- how much to eat
- how often to eat
- am I getting enough fiber?
- should adults have milk/dairy?
- do I have the proper bacteria in my gut?
- how much sugar is too much for me?
- is coffee/caffeine bad for me? how much is ok?

The questions are endless. Everyone has a different body... different tolerances, preferences, metabolisms, philosophies, cultures, environments, etc. so the answer is very different for each individual. There aren't too many places one can go to get a simple answer, so I suppose it's each person's responsibility to observe their own body and figure out what's right for them. It's not easy but it seems to be the only way.

BTW, my food gurus are Sally Fallon, Michael Pollan and William Wolcott. I try my best to follow their approach to food/eating, but it's not always easy to apply all that knowledge. :-)

About the photo
Taken in September 2003 at the open air market in Helsinki, Finland (kauppatori).

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