Monday, March 16, 2009


No matter how hard I've tried over the years, I just haven't been able to get rid of my sweet tooth. Not that I like sickly sweet desserts and I don't even like sugary candy, but I do like to have something a little sweet every day.

I wonder if there's a biological need to have that sweet tooth daily? PERHAPS, we need the boost of sugar right after a meal to give our digestive system extra energy??? I'm happy to go with it, even though my waist line could probably go without it.

My sweetness of choice is chocolate and the darker the better (up to 75%, preferably not below 50%). Luckily for me they say that dark chocolate has lots of antioxidants. Hurrah! My waist line may not get slimmer but with the antioxidants I will have fewer wrinkles and my body will be better equipped to fight of those bad cells. Or am I just finding ways to justify my chocolic habit? ;-)

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