Monday, March 30, 2009


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This woman looks like a skeleton. Yikes! What a terrible role model for young women reading this magazine (Lucky).

When I set out to write this blog my goal was to be educational and share tips about being healthy both in mind and body. Didn't want to be controversial or negative, but I was alarmed when I saw this ad so I was compelled to use my blog as platform to get a message out.

This is NOT healthy. This is NOT a good role model.

I've always wanted a pair of UGG boots but never got around to buying them. But now I definitely will NOT BUY them because I don't want to support a company that would publish an ad that glamorizes a young woman who looks anorexic and thereby sending the wrong message. That poor model looks malnourished!

If they're trying to sell shoes, then they should focus on the shoes, but almost the entire bottom half of this page focuses on her skeleton legs with their brand name next to it. How did their marketing department allow this to happen? UGH!

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  1. I agree Gretchen. If advertisers insist on not having models with "normal" bodies, then at least they should have models with healthy bodies.