Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving: Flowers for the table

Thanksgiving flowers
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I like to keep my floral centerpieces simple because I don't want it to take up a lot of space on my table. It does end up off the table eventually to make room for the food so having a small arrangement also makes it easier to move away.

I almost always use this vase (by Finnish designer & architect Alvar Aalto) because it allows for a minimal flower arrangement. It's my favorite vase because the shape of the vase can stand alone as a decorative piece even without flowers. So placing a lot of flowers in the vase would cover its beautiful and interesting design.

These cute flowers are called "Button Mums". I usually put Gerbera Daisies in this vase but they look too spring/summer. But I found these cute chrysanthemums with a nice golden yellow color, more appropriate for autumn.

The Aalto vase was created for the luxury Savoy restaurant in Helsinki that opened in 1937. It has won awards for its design and is showcased worldwide in galleries and museum collections, such as The Museum of Modern Art in New York and is manufactured by iittala of Finland.