Thursday, November 5, 2009

Afternoon Tea

I have a nice variety of teas in my pantry but this Royal Blend tea that I picked up at the Fortnum & Mason shop in London is my favorite of the black teas. I savor it when I drink it and I'm not drinking it often because I don't want to run out - how dumb is that? Why do I have this desire to "hang on" to things... I really just need to focus on enjoying and letting go.

I recently found the cheese at my local Costco. Mimolette is a hard cheese that tastes (to me) somewhere between an aged edam and a young parmesan. It's quite tasty and was a perfect snack to accompany the rich black tea. I normally drink my tea with milk but decided to drink it black today because I was having the cheese with it. I also sneaked in a teaspoonful of honey, but just ate it straight from the spoon.

1 comment:

  1. I don't think that's a dumb idea at all. I have a box of 6 different varieties of Fortnum & Mason teas I got when I was in London and I'm doing the very same thing. I have them hidden away so no one else will find them and I only take one out every few days or so when I have time to just sit in my window and watch the world go by. BTW my favorite of the 6 is their Earl Grey tea.