Monday, October 26, 2009

Late July organic cookies

Never go grocery shopping when you have a sweet tooth. You always end up with stuff in your cart that you would not have picked up otherwise.

On my last trip to the "healthy food" store I came home with a box of these organic cookies.

Vanilla bean with green tea filling in chocolate cookies. Pretty good but... too sweet.

It drives me crazy that all cookies are made with too much sugar. Can't anyone just make some good cookies and dial down the sugar? Would no one in America buy them if the sugar content was lowered by about 30-40%? Can there be an option to put some of the sugar on the side and just add it if you want more?

Just because they're organic and were purchased at the "health food" store, it doesn't mean they're actually good for you... I know that. That's why I usually bake my own and later the recipes to my liking. But I would REALLY love to find some great healthy-ish cookies with a less sugar. Is that too much to ask?

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