Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Strawberry season winding up

I love when May comes around because that means it's strawberries time! I picked up a flat of organic strawberries at the farmers' market the other day and have been enjoying them daily. Sometimes I put them in cereal with soy milk or with a little vanilla ice cream - yum!

Last weekend I had a little dinner party to celebrate my sister's birthday and Mother's Day. I needed to make a gluten free dessert/birthday cake for my sister so I made this...

Strawberry Yogurt Trifle

1. Sliced up a small loaf of gluten-free lemon poppy-seed cake I found at the shop. Put a layer of that on the bottom.

2. Then I poured a little bit of fresh squeezed orange juice on the cake.

3. Then a thick layer of yogurt - I used a mixture of sweetened vanilla low-fat yogurt and unsweetened plain non-fat yogurt.

4. Then I placed a layer of strawberries (cut in half) on top of the yogurt.

And then repeat the 4 previous steps. The great thing about trifle is that it doesn't have to look perfect. I didn't take measurements, just did it by eye. You can add other fruit or replace the OJ for jam. Feel free to take some creative liberties.

Easy and delicious and healthy and not too sweet. It was a hit!

About the photo
The fabulous photo above with the cereal is by giant dwarf of Flickr. The photo below is the Strawberry Yogurt Trifle that I made.

Strawberry yogurt trifle

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