Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TJ's Tomato & Basil Hummus

In last week's Picky Eater column in the Food section of the San Jose Mercury News the columnist, Jolene Thym, reviewed hummus.

Hummus is a staple in my house and my personal favorites are 2 from Trader Joe's: the plain organic and the tomato & basil hummus.

It's pretty easy to make but since my food processor broke last year, I haven't made it at home. I still have my "mini prep" food processor but I'm going to experiment with my blender to see if that works for larger batches.

I enjoyed reading her reviews about 3 different hummus makers and pretty much agree with her.

Jolene writes... 
"Here's what you need to know about hummus, and what your options are, should you opt not to make it yourself. First off, know that all good, authentic hummus has a small dose of fat, because of the crucial addition of tahini, a sesame-seed paste. The other primary ingredients are, of course, garbanzo beans, garlic and lemon — all good, and all good for you"

"Hummus isn't just a dip. The ultra-healthy spread is a utility player in the kitchen. It's a great substitute for mayo on a sandwich, a perfect pizza-topper and delicious as a topping for microwaved potatoes. Add a dollop to a bowl of soup, or stir it in to add body and nutritional substance. And for those looking for a quick, light appetizer for a holiday party, serve hummus with crackers, vegetables, prawns or even sliced fruit. It's fast food for healthy eaters."

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