Sunday, June 14, 2009

Choxie chocolate from Target

Choxie chocolate
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First of all, apologies for the absence over the last several weeks - my new job has taken all of my free time!

Recently I came across this milk chocolate roasted almond sea salt bar at Target.

I've had both chocolate and toffee with fleur de sel before, but never with sel gris (a.k.a. gray sea salt). When I read on the packaging that it had grey sea salt in it I became curious and had to splurge the $3 to taste it. I was at Target (a shop know for its low prices) so I was equally curious about the relatively high price.

I consider sel gris to be a "working" salt vs. a fine finishing salt which is the reason for my curiosity. For example I put it in the water when boiling pasta or when making soups, so I couldn't imagine it combined with fine-ish chocolate.

The verdict....
Fabulous! I really could taste the big chunks of salt which enhanced the flavor of the chocolate and roasted almonds. My only complaint is that it had too little in it. The photo on the packaging is misleading because it makes it look like there are many chunks of salt.

So I went to my stash of sel gris in the pantry and added a couple more little chunks of salt with each bite and it was even better. Not only did it further enhance the flavors of the chocolate and almonds, but also added a nice little crunch which complemented the smooth texture of the milk chocolate.

What a pleasant surprise from Target!


  1. I will keep that in mind for when I stop at Target! Congrats on you new job! :)

  2. Hello!
    I found your blogs through your vintage Pyrex photos on Flickr and am quite impressed with your collection, and honest view of what to do with all the crap! I just started collecting and am already feeling like I'm wasting my money as there is no way I am able to use most of the items I buy. I share your pain and joys in owning vintage Pyrex.